Slideshows and Presentations


We would be happy to bring a natural history presentation to your organization or group. Sometimes these events are sponsored directly by TINS; sometimes these are hosted by other organizations.  If you have a group that would like to host or sponsor a TINS presentation, please contact Sarah Hockensmith at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This list comprises the natural history presentations that we have already prepared. It does not cover all topics that we are able to offer, so please inquire about any other natural history topic that you would like presented if it is not on the list. We hope that we can accommodate your request.

Current Programs:

Common Birds of Tahoe

Natural history of 12 of the most common birds in the Tahoe Basin, along with what they sound like

Great Basin and Sierra Odonates 101

Natural history of dragonflies and damselfies, and a primer on how to identify the many different odonates of the Great Basin and Sierra Nevada

Movements and Migration

An overview of the migration basics and locally relevant migration examples from a variety of species (including birds, insects, and mammals) at local, regional, and global scales

Post-fire Angora: Changes and Rebirth

A detailed look at the rebirth, changes, and research that occurred in the first few years following the 2007 Angora fire in South Lake Tahoe

Research Talks

We have given a variety of talks highlighting our research over the years. Some of these have been specifically focused on results of a particular study. Others have been meant for more general audiences: a broader, non-technical overview of our research programs

Spring Migration at Tahoe: Migrants, Vagrants, and Summer Residents

An overview of Tahoe's avian turnover during the progression of spring

Tahoe's Aquatic Mammals

Beavers, mink, muskrats and more! We will cover life history basics for these animals, and discuss some of the issues related to beaver-human conflict at Tahoe and elsewhere.

Tahoe's Avian Summer Visitors

Learn about birds that migrate to Tahoe for the summer

Tahoe Basin Flora and Fauna

Common birds, squirrels, chipmunks, flowers, and trees

Tahoe's Beautiful Birds

An exploration of Tahoe's fascinating birds on land, water, and in flight

 Tahoe Big Year

An introduction to the Tahoe Big Year, a birding event that celebrates Tahoe's hundreds of bird species and brings together birding beginners and enthusiasts alike. This presentation covers birds likely to be seen on a visit to Lake Tahoe, specialty birds of the region, and birding destinations in the Tahoe Basin and Truckee.

Tahoe Butterflies 101

An overview of identification basics and discussion of local butterfly natural history. Easily adaptable for the broader Great Basin

Tahoe's Natural Year: A Journey Through the Seasons

Discussion of a variety of natural history topics as we pass through a calendar year at Lake Tahoe

Tahoe's Woodpeckers

Covers the eight common woodpecker species found in the Tahoe Basin, and their special adaptations for dealing with the stress of pounding on wood

Winter Birds of the Region

A talk about birds that can only be found in the Tahoe region during the winter months, why these birds are present in winter but not the summer, and how they survive the cold and snow of the Sierra Nevada

Winter Wildlife Survival Strategies

An overview of the strategies used by Tahoe wildlife for enduing long Sierra Nevada winters, highlighting many fascinating examples of how these strategies are employed