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TINS field-based programs are ever-expanding. We offer several nature-based, outdoor learning experiences that can be adapted to meet the needs of any K-12 classroom, and are tied into the Next Generation Science Standards adopted by both California and Nevada. Our field trips connect students to nature through the place-based learning aspect of outdoor education. Students who participate in our field-based programs have a greater appreciation and understanding of our local environment. We often collaborate with other organizations and scientists to develop and deliver the highest quality learning experiences possible.

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General Nature Walksies birdclub

K–12th Grade

Our nature walks can be designed and adapted to fit the interests of any classroom. We have crafted this program to allow us to take classes to any natural area and discuss the natural history topic of your choice; some example topics include flora and fauna, birds, bugs, winter wildlife, and any other Tahoe-related natural history topic.


bbandBird Banding Field Trip

3rd–12th Grade

Our bird banding field trips teach students about local research on resident and migrating birds at our bird banding stations, bird identification—including birds' size, sex, and overall health, and other topics teachers desire such as the physics of bird flight and an in depth look at feathers. These field trips give students the unique opportunity to experience field research as it is happening. Students also experience live, wild birds up-close as they learn about our research programs' connection to continent-wide bird banding efforts. Through these connections, students learn the importance of assessing bird banding data to enhance the surrounding habitat for bird populations, as well as the impact of human development in regards to land management. 


wwss2Winter Wildlife Survival Snowshoe Trek

2nd–12th Grade

Winter Wildlife Survival Snowshoe Treks are designed to completely immerse students in the winter-based content they are learning—right in the snow. The wildlife covered ranges from winter mammals to birds, amphibians, and more. Students learn about survival techniques, adaptations, migration, hibernation, and many other winter survival strategies.

Sierra Seasons


3rd–8th Grade

Sierra Seasons is a hands-on citizen science project where students conduct basic research by monitoring plants, animals, and how they change through time: a branch of science known as phenology. This program is an excellent way to teach science standards such as inquiry, observation, and making predictions. The information gathered by students can also be taken back into the classroom, supplementing math and technology lessons through analysis of the collected information and communication of results. To learn more about this project and how your class can become involved, visit our Sierra Seasons Project page. 


Geology of the Sierra Nevadafieldtrip

5th–8th Grade

Geology of the Sierra Nevada allows students to experience the processes that formed the Sierra Nevada. The field trip starts with a brief presentation on the formation of the Sierra Nevada before heading to various locations in the field to see how glaciers helped shape the current topography as well as the evidence of other geologic processes.

Currently available for field trips to locations in Truckee. Tahoe Basin routes are being developed.


If there is a topic not listed that you are interested in, please contact Michelle at (775) 298-0064 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.We will do our best to provide a field trip that works for you!

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