California Native Plant Society

TINS is excited to help reinvigorate the Tahoe Chapter of the California Native Plant Society.  We hope to host a web page for the chapter on this site, and we are co-sponsoring wildflower/botany outings.

Scheduled outings for 2012 include a 29 July trip to Sierra Valley, with more trips to appear on the calendar as we can line them up. Be sure to check back!

Outings in 2011 included a Martis Valley Wildflower Hike, led by Steve Matson, Alpine Botany of High Camp, led by Will Richardson and Steve Matson, and a Benwood Meadows hike, led by Cheryl Beyer (USFS-LTBMU Botanist).

Past trips from 2010 included a "Blooms and Butterflies" trip to Barker Pass on 31 July, co-led by Steve Matson of the CNPS (photos can be found HERE), and a Carson Pass trip, co-lead by Paul Cushing of the CNPS (photos can be found HERE).


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