Mission: To advance the natural history, conservation, and ecosystem knowledge of the Tahoe region through science, education, and outreach.

We have a long-term goal of bringing a world-class interpretive nature center and educational facility to the Tahoe area. In the meantime, we engage in multiple science, education, and outreach programs to promote greater appreciation, understanding, and stewardship of the natural resources of the Tahoe region.

Please feel free to explore our website to see how we use these programs to achieve our mission.

About our logo

The Western Tanager (Piranga ludoviciana) is a fairly common, yet easily overlooked summer resident at Tahoe. Despite their bold colors and robust song, they spend the bulk of their time in the forest canopy, so many long-time Tahoe locals spend years unaware that these dazzling birds are usually right overhead. About once a year, somebody will come up to me, eyes wide with excitement, and tell me about some "crazy-looking bird" they just saw. They then proceed to describe a classic male Western Tanager. I am always delighted by these conversations because I know that a chance encounter with a male Western Tanager can jar one into nature-awareness. These are the revelations that create naturalists.

- Will Richardson, Co-Executive Director

Our logo was designed by former Tahoe resident Sara Slocum, a graphic artist currently residing in Colorado.

Glimpse of TINS


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