School Programs

TINS offers a variety of in-school natural history programs and related field trips to supplement Tahoe region schools' science curricula.The goal of our programs is to awaken students’ curiosity of the natural world, inviting them to become engaged in their natural surroundings. Our programs promote responsible environmental citizenship by helping students develop the tools they will need to make informed decisions relevant to the Tahoe region's natural resource issues.We believe that teaching scientific concepts through place-based, hands-on experiences creates a more meaningful and effective learning experience.

Programs are evaluated by teachers on a regular basis to ensure that our programs are of the highest quality. Here are a few quotes we have received from teachers that we believe speaks to the quality and relevance of our programs:

  • "It was perfect! The children were able to apply prior knowledge about insects to new material presented."
  • "It followed our State Science Standards and emphasized key vocabulary."
  • "This was an outstanding presentation...the presentation gave each student an opportunity to see bats up close and have their questions answered."
  • "My kids loved it! Students were engaged and excited to learn about birds in their own backyard. Very hands-on and well managed."
  • "The interactive information helped them to really understand. Absolutely nothing needs to be changed."

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