Bug Nights

For studying and sampling nocturnal insects, entomologists often use night-traps. Black lights, or ultraviolet lights, are more attractive to non-biting insects than other colors, and attract different kinds of insects than a regular incandescent light. When we do bug nights at TINS, we like to set up the light and sheet just before dusk, with the light facing good habitat. Black lights are suspended in front of a white sheet, so flying insects have an easily-observable place to land. Particularly interesting bugs can be collected by hand for closer inspection. 

Whether you have a scientific interest or simply want to experience a unique nature activity, attend one of TINS' bug nights! We are currently scheduling our bug nights for 2016, but hope to have one at Martis Creek Reservoir campground in August.  Along for the evening will be entomologists from the University of Nevada, Reno to help with insect identification and give us some interesting facts. 

Our bug nights are fun, family-friendly events! Kids of all ages are welcome. We recommend bringing camp chairs, warm layers, and headlamps. For more information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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