Midwinter Bald Eagle Survey


In 2012, TINS took over coordination of the annual Mid-Winter Bald Eagle Survey for the Tahoe basin. From 9am-12pm, volunteers are paired up and stationed at 26 vantage points throughout the Tahoe basin, mostly around the lakeshore. A map of the stations can be found by clicking HERE. The eagle-counters tally and age any eagles they happen to see, and in recent years we usually get around 15-20. This year's count is scheduled for Friday, January 12th, 2018.


To register for the event, please click HERE.

Please contact Sarah Hockensmith with any questions at sarah@tinsweb.org or 775.298.0067.


 When registering we ask you provide the following information: 

  • Preferred location (to view a map of site options, click HERE)
  • Are you a first time participant or a repeat participant?
  • Experience level (beginner, intermediate, expert) - we will do our best to pair folks with less experience with experts
  • Phone number / email
  • If you prefer to be paired up with a particular person, please provide their name 



The count is part of the National Midwinter Bald Eagle Survey that was initiated by the National Wildlife Federation in 1979. Over the years, the coordination of the national effort has changed hands a few times, and is currently managed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Most recently the survey at Lake Tahoe was coordinated by the USFS Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit.



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